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Dot Net Training

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Dot Net

       The .NET Framework
       What's the .NET Framework?
       Common Language Runtime
       .NET Framework Class Library
       Versions of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio
       Getting Started with Visual Studio
       Visual Studio Overview
       Code and Text Editor
       Unit Testing
       C# Language Foundations
       Language Syntax
       Data Types
       Type Conversion
       Flow Control
       OOPs Concepts
       System.Object Class Decision Statements
       Collections Interfaces
        Implementing IEnumerable and IEnumerator
       Implementing Comparison Using IComparer and IComparable
       Delegates and Events
       Understanding Generics
       Generic Classes
       Using the default Keyword in Generics
       Advantages of Generics
       Using Constraints in a Generic Type
       Generic Interfaces
       Generic Methods
       Generic Operators
       Generic Delegates
       Generics and the .NET Framework Class Library
       Exception Handling
       Handling Exceptions
       Creating Custom Exceptions
       Processes, AppDomains, and Object Contexts
       Thread Synchronization
       Files and Streams
       Working with Files and Directories
       Working with Directories
       Working with Files Using the File and FileInfo Classes
        Creating a File Explorer
       The Stream Class
       Working with XML
       Introduction to XML
       XML Reading & Writing
       ADO .NET Introduction
       Connecting to Data Sources
       Connection Pooling
       Using Transactions
       Configuring a DataAdapter to Retrieve Information
       Populating a DataSet Using a DataAdapter
       Modifying Data in a DataTable
       Using Transactions
       Persisting Changes to a Data Source
       Working in a Disconnected Environment
       Reading and Writing XML with ADO.NET
       ASP.NET Introduction
       Developing ASP.NET Applications
       Creating Websites
       Designing a Web Page
       The Anatomy of a Web Form
       Writing Code
       Visual Studio Debugging
       Creating N-Tier Applications
       Multi-Tier Architectures
       Creating an N-Tier ASP.NET Application
       The Data Tier
       The Middle Tier
       The Data Tier
       The Middle Tier
       The Presentation Tier
       Managing Concurrency
       Web Form Fundamentals
       The Anatomy of an ASP.NET Application
       Introducing Server Controls
       A Deeper Look at HTML Control Classes
       The Page Class
       Sending the User to a New Page
       HTML Encoding
       Application Events
       ASP.NET Configuration
       Web Controls
       Stepping Up Web Controls
       Web Control Classes
       List Controls
       Table Controls
       Web Control Events and AutoPostBack
       A Simple Web Page
       Understanding Validation
       The Validation Controls
       The Data Controls
       The GridView
       Formatting the GridView
       Selecting a GridView Row
       Using GridView Templates
       The DetailsView and FormView
       Rich Controls
       The Calendar
       The AdRotator
        Pages with Multiple Views
       Files and Streams
       Files and Web Applications
       File System Information
       Reading and Writing with Streams
       Allowing File Uploads
       State Management
       The Problem of State
       View State
       Transferring Information between Pages
       Session State
       Session State Configuration
       Application State
       An Overview of State Management Choices

Course Title Instructor Duration
Dot Net Professional Faculties 30 Days